This is a great Easter collection. I have used many fancy fills and tried to make this very versatile. There are two designs that were digitized for the Janome 10000 free arm hoop. It is the Bunny face and the small egg3a. Remember the Bunny Face can be either a girl or a boy. Blue face for boy and pink for girl. But these are perfect for any other format too. The pocket bunny is a terrific pocket topper but can be used many other ways too. The eggs with the lettering Happy Easter can be used as a pocket topper too. Just do not stitch the lettering.

    The Easter Collection is  $18 for the entire collection or $4 each

Click on each design to see larger view.

bunnyfacesm.jpg (8451 bytes)

Bunny Face Small

1.30" x 1.79"

chick1.jpg (23259 bytes)

Chick 1

3.08" x 3.90"

chick2.jpg (21625 bytes)

Chick 2

2.24" x 3.50"

basket.jpg (30625 bytes)

Easter Basket

2.99" x 4.11"

egg1.jpg (20463 bytes)

Egg 1

3.88" x 2.92"

egg2.jpg (27816 bytes)

Egg 2

3.99" x 2.48"

egg3.jpg (25002 bytes)

Egg 3

2.54" x 3.48"

egg3a.jpg (5129 bytes)

Egg 3a

1.01" x 1.39"

funnybunny.jpg (24140 bytes)

Funny Bunny

2.29" x 3.72"


honeybunny.jpg (23270 bytes)

Honey Bunny

3.26" x 3.21"

jumpingbunnys.jpg (12331 bytes)

Jumping Bunnies

3.83" x 1.77"

pocketbunny.jpg (16023 bytes)

Pocket Bunny

3.33" x 1.67"


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