These designs are authentic Celtic knot designs. They are very intricate and have taken many hours of work to digitize and test. They will be wonderful for any type of décor or clothing. They are so intricate they need a very strong  keep the fabric taut is fine. Depending on your machine you may need to adjust tension. I did not have to do that on mine, but it is important to check this when you stitch them out. Also make sure you hoop them securely.

You can use any colors on these designs so I am not including a color chart.  So you can use your imagination and make these designs very special.Celtic designs 1 and 2 can also be stitched without a background to show the fabric underneath making it appear as an appliqué.

Some can only be done with a 5x7 hoop. Some of them are for 4x4 hoop. EVEN THOUGH THE DIMENSIONS SEEM TO BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM THE STATED HOOP SIZE THEY ARE SIZED FOR EACH FORMAT OFFERED. So be sure to check the size before you put in your order. I could not do them in the SEW format because of the dimensions of the designs.

I am selling these as single designs. $5 each. When ordering be sure to name the design and size.



CELTIC 1 LACE, 3.77"X3.96"

CELTIC 1 SOLID, 3.80"X3.99"

CELTIC 1 LACE, 4.74"X4.98"

CELTIC 1 SOLID, 4.74"X4.98"

CELTIC 2 LACE, 3.94"X3.99"

CELTIC 2 SOLID, 3.93"X3.98"

CELTIC 2 LACE, 5.29"X5.36"

CELTIC 2 SOLID, 5.29"X5.36"

CELTIC 3, 3.78"X3.96"


CELTIC 3, 5.16"X5.40"

CELTIC 4 FRAME,4.87"X7.25"

CELTIC 5 BORDER, .83"X6.47"

CELTIC 6, 4.00"X 3,18"

CELTIC 6, 5.19"X4.11"

CELTIC 7 CROSS,5.32"X5.57"



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