Classical Designs of the Orient


Set 1

I have been working hard to take my digitizing to a higher level. You have not seen any new designs on my website for a long time and that is because I wanted to present more advanced techniques with my digitizing. I just plain got bored and tired of the same little cutesy designs that are out there daily. So many look just like the others that it is hard to tell whose designs are whose. As an artist I use fabric as my canvas and thread as my paint and I want to share that art feeling with everyone.

This is set I of a new series. These designs are very intricate and have been digitized very carefully. There is no automatic digitizing here. Each leaf, each feather is done separately and made to look as real as possible. The flowers and lace work are done so all of the stitches are sewn in the correct degree to make them appear with a totally outstanding texture and direction. I am making some individual wall pictures with them. Each one of these designs took many hours to digitize and test so they would be as perfect as possible. In most there are minimal jump stitches and the ones that have to have jump stitches are digitized to make clipping as easy as possible.

They have been done in two sizes. The large ones are for the 8x 8 hoops and the others fit the 5x 7 hoops. You can purchase them either size or both sizes.

The set of 5" X 7" is $15 and the set of 8" X 8" Is $15. Singles are $5 each

Click on each image to see a larger image

5' x 7"

Butterflies 5" x 7"


Cherries 5" x 7"


Cranes 5" x 7"


Mandarin Ducks 5" x 7"

5 x 7 set

Peonys 5" x 7"

8" x 8"

These are for all of you who have been begging for the large designs!

Butterflies 8" x 8"


Cherries 8" x 8"


Cranes 8" x 8"


Mandarin Ducks 8" x 8 "

8 x 8 set


Peonys 8" x 8"



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