This is an eclectic two part collection sold separately and or together. You can also buy individual designs. The first part is for regular size hoops. The second is for large hoops. You all should know your own hoop sizes. The large ones are converted to most formats but may have to be split in order to fit your hoop size. There are some that will work well in corners and one (folk flower 6 small) makes a great pocket topper. For those of you who love country designs these will provide a lot of fun stitching. I have used many varieties of colors just to give you more ideas. As you will see some flowers have different color schemes on each side. This is a fun way to use color or you can use the same on each side. I digitized them in different colors so that you have the option to use different ones or coordinate.    

Folk Art 1 Small is $15

Folk Art 1 Large is $15


 Folk Art Small



Click on each picture to see a larger view.

fflower1sm.jpg (13056 bytes)

Folk Flower 1

1.86"x 2.18" 6,486 Stitches

fflower2sm.jpg (28513 bytes)

Folk Flower2

3.21"x3.05" 10394 Stitches

fflower3sm.jpg (14619 bytes)

Folk Flower 3

3.79"x1.41" 7,028 Stitches

fflower4sm.jpg (15796 bytes)

Folk Flower 4

3.96"x2.20" 6773 Stitches

fflower5sm.jpg (18660 bytes)

Folk Flower 5

3.89"x2.02" 9658 Stitches

fflower6sm.jpg (12450 bytes)

Folk Flower 6

3.88"x1.20" 6403 Stitches

fahorsesm.jpg (18788 bytes)

Folk Art Horse

2.98"x3.30" 12064 Stitches

faroostersm.jpg (31768 bytes)

Folk Art Rooster

3.64"x3.75" 15128 Stitches

kachinasm.jpg (18727 bytes)

Folk Art Kachina

3.64"x3.75" 15128 Stitches

 Folk Art Large



fflower1lg.jpg (53049 bytes)

Folk Flower 1 Large

4.65"x5.48" 27283 Stitches

fflower3lg.jpg (45029 bytes)

Folk Flower 3 Large

2.62"x 7.03" 16496 Stitches

fflower4lg.jpg (47345 bytes)

Folk Flower 4 Large

4.13"x7.45" 13988 Stitches

fflower5lg.jpg (61979 bytes)

Folk Flower 5 Large

3.94"x7.52" 22459 Stitches

fflower6lg.jpg (34223 bytes)

Folk Flower 6 Large

2.12"x6.90" 15645 Stitches

fahorselg.jpg (51724 bytes)

Folk Art Horse Large

5.19"x5.77" 30700 Stitches

faroosterlg.jpg (57771 bytes)

Folk Art Rooster Large

5.26"x5.51" 31069 Stitches

kachinalg.jpg (44852 bytes)

Folk Art Kachina Large

3.62"x5.40" 21403 Stitches



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