We have had such a overwhelming response for our Hoop designs and instructions, I have decided to go ahead and offer them to you. Be sure to see the new project at the bottom of this page!

There are 36 designs in this collection plus everything you need to know for $45 . You can make these any season! Also it would be a great thing to sell at a botique!

Be sure to send me a picture of your completed hoop or hoops and I will add them to this page.

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See Fairfax Virginia Class 

See the Arizona Weekend Class

Hoop Gallery


Marilyn and Randi

Holiday Hoop Class In Fairfax Virginia

Here are some pictures of the Holiday Hoop Class in Fairfax Virginia. My thanks go to Pat and Skip, owners of Fairfax Sewing Center, Inc., located at 11211-J Lee Highway, Fairfax, Virginia (703) 273-7811. They were so  gracious to give space in their shop for the classes. 

I'm the one on the far left sitting down. Sitting next to me is Jean Smith who arranged the whole weekend. These are just some of the ladies who were there. Below is another picture of the group. They are such a great group! I enjoyed meeting every one. We really had a ball!

Tucson Arizona Holiday Hoop Weekend 

Here are some pictures of our November 2 and 3rd weekend in Tucson Arizona. We really had a great time. We saw old friends and made many new ones. These are just a few from my digital camera. There will be more when I get my film back.


Kathy Riley and Sue Ward



Hoop Gallery

sue's hoop.jpg (32781 bytes)       sueschurch.jpg (45377 bytes)          dianeshoop.jpg (130172 bytes)               jackieshoop.jpg (213234 bytes)

Sues Cardinals and Church                 Diane's Church                   Jackie's Cardinals

jackieneelychurch.jpg (28968 bytes)

Jackie's Church

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This Welcome wall hanging was made by Kathy Riley who you can see up above from our Tucson Arizona class. I put this on the Holiday Hoop page so you could see what she did with our Saguaro Cactus. This wall hanging was done in appliqué. Kathy made color templates with the cactus and other designs and used them to plan her wall hanging and then they were the patterns for her appliqué. This wall hanging is displayed in the entryway at Kathy's new home.



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