This collection is named after my 3- year old grandson Kolby. He and his 1- year old brother Logan have just begun their camping experiences. They are in a motor home not yet camping in a tent, but I know they will be soon. So this is a collection of designs that all pertain to the great out of doors. There are designs for the whole family. They would be great on hats and sweats and jackets and camping gear or on anything that an outdoor loving person has. I have made as a bonus, two designs, a raccoon and a bear that are large enough to go on a jacket back or the center of a shirt. You can use these on the curtains in your RV. I get so tired of seeing just floral designs when these are so much more fun and reflect the mood of your trips. 

Here is a picture of Kolby and Logan

"KAMP KOLBY " is  $15 for the entire collection

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beara.jpg (9127 bytes)

Bear In The Woods

2.70" x 4.05"

largebeara.jpg (8362 bytes)

Bear In The Woods

5.06" x 7.57"

childsizedmoosea.jpg (10215 bytes)

Child Sized Moose

2.43" x 1.82"

freshcatcha.jpg (7174 bytes)

Fresh Catch

1.94" x 3.99"

honoraryrangera.jpg (17076 bytes)

Honorary Ranger

3.54" x 3.59"

midnightmoosea.jpg (9975 bytes)

Midnight Moose

3.93" x 3.44"

raccoona.jpg (13386 bytes)


3.35" x3.77"

largeraccoona.jpg (12736 bytes)

Large Raccoon

4.46" x 5.06"

raccoon2a.jpg (11089 bytes)

Raccoon 2

4.03" x 2.84"

tippecanoea.jpg (7524 bytes)


3.79" x 1.75"

trouta.jpg (7733 bytes)


4.09" x 1.57"

wildducka.jpg (8847 bytes)

Wild Duck

4.11" x 2.23"


Single Designs ar $4 each

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