This is a collection of nostalgic Victorian houses of the past. They were fondly called "The Painted Ladies". I have included a church and a hotel to round out the group for any project that you may choose whether it be a scene or a wall hanging or any thing else you may want to do. This would be great for accessories and clothing too.

All of the designs will fit the 4 X 4 hoops. The hotel is larger for those with a larger hoop, but it is split for the smaller hoops. These designs all have great detail. I know you will enjoy them.

This collection is $20

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Single designs are available for $4each. Please contact me for single designs

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Victorian I

4.02" x 3.21"


Victorian II

3.26" x 4.16"


Victorian III

3.66" x 3.74"

Victorian IV

4.06" x 3.78"

Victorian V

2.33" x 3.90"

Victorian VI

3.04" x 4.03"

Victorian VII

2.31" x 3.87"

Victorian Log Cabin

4.01" x 2.91"

Victorian Church

2.29" x 3.85"



Victorian Hotel

2.83" x  4 43"


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