Sugar and Spice

"And everything Nice"


This is a collection of delightful designs especially for little girls. Ballet  and tea parties and hot chocolate and flowers and so many fun things that little girls love. This is a collection that you should use the little girls favorite colors. There are mini designs for those small areas like socks and collars and little accent areas. Think of her own special tea party napkins and linens!

"Sugar and Spice " is $18 for the whole collection, or $4.00 for individual designs.

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balletshoes.jpg (76795 bytes)

Ballet Shoes

1.88 x 4.21

miniballetshoes.jpg (15184 bytes)

Mini Ballet Shoes

0.74 X 1.68

butterfly.jpg (72867 bytes)


3.13 X 3.01

hatgirl.jpg (70715 bytes)

Hat Girl

2.83  X  2.84

hotchocolate.jpg (78415 bytes)

Hot Chocolate

3.16 X 3.08

prettyposies.jpg (55247 bytes)

Pretty Posies

2.81 X 3.14

miniposy.jpg (6705 bytes)

Mini Posy

1.16 x 0.57
primaballerina.jpg (41640 bytes)

Prima Ballerina

3.02 X 3.58

sunbonnet.jpg (96873 bytes)

Sun Hat

2.87 X 3.40
teaparty.jpg (65536 bytes)

Tea Party

4.07 X 2.07

toleflower.jpg (56845 bytes)

Tole Flower

2.54 X 2.35

minitoleflower.jpg (9699 bytes)

Mini Tole Flower

1.03 X 0.93

wateringcan.jpg (55254 bytes)

Watering Can

3.74 X 2.03

smallflower.jpg (11570 bytes)

Small Flower

1.17 X 1.16

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