This collection is of eight leaves, each in three sizes. Each one has been digitized separately. The small ones are small enough to put on collars or string them together for great pocket toppers. They are great for napkins and all table linen. You can mix them all up and scatter the leaves. I have used all Sulky thread except when otherwise stated. But this collection calls for you to make your own color selections. Fall clothing isn’t complete without these leaves! These are all very easy and fast stitch outs to make your stitching a lot more fun!

"THOSE FALLING LEAVES " is  $18 for the entire collection (THERE ARE 24 DESIGNS) or $4.00 for individual designs. 

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leaf1.jpg (159897 bytes)

Leaf 1

Small=1.41” x 1.15”

Medium=2.11” x 1.73”

Large=2.84” x 2.36”


leaf2.jpg (99484 bytes)

Leaf 2

Small= 1.06” x 1.15”

Medium=1.67” x 1.88”

Large=2.58” x 2.90”


leaf3.jpg (110239 bytes)

Leaf 3

Small=1.05” x 1.08”

Medium=1.68” x 1.73”

Large= 2.63” x 2.72”


leaf4.jpg (95457 bytes)

Leaf 4

Small=.93” x .99”

Medium=1.66” x 1.74”

Large=2.32” x 2.48”


leaf5.jpg (128451 bytes)

Leaf 5

Small=1.21” x 1.13”

Medium=2.20” x 2.03”

Large=2.77” x 2.61”


leaf6.jpg (128187 bytes)

Leaf 6

Small-=1.31” x 1.28”

Medium=2.33” x 2.32”

Large=2.90” x 2.88”


leaf7.jpg (169434 bytes)

Leaf 7

Small=1.68” x 1.49”

Medium=2.59” x 2.18”

Large=2.43” x 2.92”

leaf8.jpg (144641 bytes)

Leaf 8

Small=1.41” x 1.66”

Medium=2.11” x 2.53”

Large=2.79” x 3.36”


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