This is a collection that serves double duty. The letters on each design stitch out first. So you can use them separately or with the objects. You may skip the letters and use the objects separately! You can mirror image the designs and skip the letters and have the objects going the other way! I am making a quilt for my grandsons that they can play on and learn the alphabet. My daughter can hold up flash cards and they can find the letters or objects. 

    This collection can be used for so many children's' projects. How about a soft book or greeting cards? It will be great on any kind of clothing! Have fun with this collection.

The Double Duty Alphabet is $20

The sizes may look different but the letters are all the same. The total designs vary depending on the placement of the object but are all totally compatible in size. See Jane Balinger's quilt PROJECTS PAGE II

Click on each picture to see a larger view

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